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Odds n Ends
58 Sandies

Marion Amos

Annette Anthony

Betty Askew

Mark Askew

Mary Helen Bentley

Don Brazille

Brenda Brown

Carol Brown

Barbara Burke

Bobbie Cannon

Clara Chapman

Keith Clark

Joan Clawson

Deanna Cook

Bobby Cotter

Joe Ted Davidson

Sandra Davis

Ted Davis

Alan Dodson

Jim Doche

Louis Dubuque

Donna Duncan

Lehmer Dunn

Cynthia Dwight

Patsy Ely

Elizabeth Fields

Sylvia Findley

Judy Fonti

Norma Frame

Robert Forrester

Lana Sue Francis

Sue Freeman

Jo Ann Gamblin

Bill Garrett

Laura Ellen Garner

Ginger Gilbert

Twila Gilley

Bill Harris

D'Alton Holder

Nadia Holmes

Diane Houser

Joe Howell

Jeff Ingham

Judy Jackson

Carol James

Kay Kendrick

Ken Kendrick

Mertie Lee

Doris Langford

Lou Jane Loftis

Larry Lupher

Judy Maxwell

Ron Mayberry

Pete Meador

Eva Jo Miller

Julia Miller

Sue McAvoy

Mike McCaulley

Jerry McGinnis

Gracey Newman

David Onstott

Mary Lee Owens

Dick Polson

Sylvia Ramsey

Billy Reams

Gary Rhoads

Peggy Rittenberry {R}

David Russell

Evelyn Shull

Judy Schwan

Dick Stovall

Hugh Sticksel {R}

Soapy Sudbury

Diane Thompson

Sue Thompson

Doug Thornton

Robbie Tims

Sybil Todd

Vern Vincent

Lucille Weatherly

Ronnie Weaver 

Frances White

Tony Whittington

Sue Wicker

Nell Williams

Don Wilson

Denny Workman

June Wrather


Sister: Martha Amos

Son: Barry Patterson '86
Daughter: Karen Patterson '87, Spouse: Todd Heckman '87

58 Class Valedicorian: Spouse - Joe Howell '58

Spouse: Sylvia Ramsey
Father:  Glenn Askew; '30;
Mother: Dorothy Nugent '30, Editor of La Airosa;
Brothers: Glenn Akew Jr '53; Richard Askew; 1968

Spouse: Lonnie Golladay

Spouse: Doris Langford '58

Spouse: Bill McNeiland '58

Spouse: Billy Reams '58

Spouse: Bill Canady '57

Spouse: Alan Dodson '58

Spouse: Wayne Driggs '58

Spouse: Frances White '58

Spouse: Don Wilson '58  Sister:

Spouse: Billy Stone '56

Spouse: Kathy Stone '60 Sister=in=law Harriett Stone

Mother: Martha Billye Davis '33 Homecoming Queen
1983 Quote: Being able to accept the fact that both my children
will go to and enjoy Tascosa High School

Spouse: Alan Roberson '53;    Son: Pat  '83

Spouse: Kay Mullins '60   Children: Scott Patrick Davis '88
Mother: Kate (Betty) Elizabeth Mason '34
Father: C T Davis '31

Spouse: Bobbie Cannon '58

Spouse: Annette Lawler '57

Spouse: Phyllis Brandon'61

Spouse: Fred Weathers '57 [R]

Spouse: - Sue McAvoy '58

Spouse: Olin Barclay '56

Sister: Sandy Ely AHS Queen '55
Cousin: Ron Ely '56

Spouse: Eddie Scott '57
Children: Madison, Jennifer [AHS Queen] '85 Clarrissa 1987
Sister: Mina Nell Fields '53;  Brother: Paul Fields '59
Cousins: Thomas Field '40, Wife Rachel Patterson'40
Truett Fields '49, Spouse: Susan Ferguson'49
Jay D Thomas '53; Ethel Diana Fields '61;
Fracine Fields '64; Janet Fields '72; Robert Fields '75

Spouse: Dick Stovall '58

Spouse: Vern Vincent 58

Spouse: Jimmy Allison '56

Brothers: Carroll Mack Forrester '51; Richard Forrester '53;
Kenneth Forrester '62                            

Spouse: Wayne Rogers '57

Spouse: Renton George '57 {R}

Brother: Terry Gamblin '55

Spouse: Judy Schwan '58

Laura Ellen: '58 Class Salutatorian: Brothers: Arthur Garner '51; Keith Garner '55; Andrew "Andy" 'Garner '72;
Sisters: Nancy Garner '63; Nieces: Beth Garner; Kathryn Garner; Nephews: David Garner; Keith Garner

Father: George C Gilbert '30; Mother: Mary Alice Copp '34
Brother: John C Gilbert'54; Grandparents

Spouse: Jon Boss '59

Spouse: Kay Nell Hanker '59

Spouse:  Mary Pat Stallings '60; Brother : Ken Holder '56
Nephews: Eric Combs; Kirk Combs
Spouse: Gene Cox '56

Spouse: Dennis Whitener '58 {R}

Spouse:  Betty Askew '58

Brothers: Jerry '54; Michael '62
Ben '66, Mr Sandman

Spouse: David Browning '57

Mother: Ruth Sager '38
Uncle: Harry Sager '33  LaAirosa Business Mgr

Spouse: Dewayne McMinn '53

Cousin: Jim Doche '58

Brother: Tommy Lee '55

Spouse: Don Brazille '58

Spouse: Don Martin '58

Mother: Dovene Williams Lupher '33; Sister: Phyllis Lupher Waldrop '54; Aunt: Dorothy Williams Glovier '38; Cousin: Kevin Glovier, '67, Cousin: Deanna Glovier Mashburn '68; Cousin: Sean Mashburn '68

Spouse: Jack McDaniel '57

Uncle: R B Norman Principal 1928-

Father: James Paul Meador '26

Spouse: Soapy Sudbury '58
Children: Sharla Sudbury Davis,  Johnny  '79,  Summer '80
Grandchildren: Jennifer Davis '88; Aaron Sudbury 2000
Brother: Jackie Miller '53

Spouse: Howard "Sandy" Lynch '55

Spouse:  Lehmer Dunn '58
Brother:  Joe McAvoy '56

Spouse: - Ramona James '57

Spouse: June Wrather '58

Spouse: Howard Graves '57 {R} 

Spouse: Robbie Tims '58

Mother: Mary McSpadden '38
Uncle: Dick McSpadden '37

Spouse: Jolene Tyler '60

Spouse: Mark Askew '58
Sisters:  Wanda Ramsey '48; Ellen Ramsey '53
Brother: Buck Ramsey '56 Sister in Law Bette Cave '57
Brother in Law: Charles Ramsey '62
Several Nieces/Nephews: including Natali Schenck '97 aka Natali Brooks KFDA News Anchor, Homecoming Queen, Cheerleader

Spouse: Carol Brown '58

Spouse: Jeanne Erhard '57

Spouse: Dan Lynch '57
Brothers: Charles Rittenberry; Jimmy Rittenberry

Spouse: Ann Selecman '57

Brother: Bill Shull '57

Spouse: Bill Garrett '58

Spouse: Sylvia Findley '58

Sister: Mary Nell Sticksel  AHS Cheerleader
Brothers: John Charles Sticksel; Bill Sticksel; AHS Cheerleaders

Spouse: Eva Jo Miller '58
Children: Sharla Sudbury Davis '78, Johnnny '79, Summer '80
Grandchildren - Jennifer Davis '98; Aaron Davis 2000
Brothers: Kenneth Sudbury'50; Sister-in-Law, Marletta Perry '51
Sammy '68, & Wife Valarie Cooke '69,Sister - Marilyn '62;  Nephew, Jim Bob Sudbury, '7, Niece Liz, Sudbury '70, Niece, Lynn Sudbury '73

Spouse: Hershell Neal '56

Spouse: Tony Whittington '58

Brothers: Carlos, Gary, Raymond

Spouse: David Onstott '58

Brother: Gordon Todd '54; Sister-in-Law Nancy Hart

Spouse: Judy Fonti '58

Spouse: Jimmy Dunn '57

Father: Z G Weaver  '32

Spouse: Keith Clark '58

Spouse: Sue Thompson '58

Mother: Eva May Watson '34
Aunt: Floyce Watson '32; Uncle: Fayden Watson'32

Spouse: Phil Mathis '57

Spouse: Joan Clawson '58 {R}

Spouse: Connie Becker '57

Spouse: Jerry McGinnis '58
'58 Class AHS Connections

A Great  Idea from Elizabeth Scott Fields